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• Roomful of Blues: The First Album Varrick 035
• Scott Hamilton Is A Good Wind Who is Blowing Us No Ill CCD-4042

• Rosemary
Clooney: Everything's Coming Up Rosie CCD-4047
• Various Artists: Tribute to Duke CCD-4050

• Rosemary
Clooney: Rosie Sings Bing CCD-4060
• Scott Hamilton, 2 CCD-4061

• w/ Warren Vaché: With Scott's Band In New York City CCD-4070

• The Grand Appearance Progressive 7026

• Derek Smith: The Man I Love Progressive 7035

• Rosemary
Clooney: Tribute to Billie Holiday CCD-4081
• Scott Hamilton / Buddy Tate: Back to Back CJ-85

• Dave McKenna / Scott Hamilton / Jake Hanna: No Bass Hit CCD-4097

• Scott Hamilton / Warren Vaché: Skyscrapers CJ-111

• Rosemary
Clooney: Sings the Lyrics of Ira Gershwin CCD-4112
• Concord Super Band II CJ-120

• Tenorshoes CCD-4127

• Various Artists: Concord Jam #1 CCD-4142

• Rosemary
Clooney: With Love CCD-4144
• w/ Buddy Tate: Scott's Buddy CJ-148

• Cal Tjader: The Shining Sea CCD-4159

• Apples and Oranges CJ-165

• Al Cohn / Buddy Tate / Scott Hamilton: Tour de Force CCD-4172

• Rosemary
Clooney: Sings the Music of Cole Porter CCD-4185
• Close Up CCD-4197

• Concord Jazz All Stars: At the Northsea Jazz Festival, Volume 1 CJ-182

• Concord Jazz All Stars: At the Northsea Jazz Festival, Volume 2 CJ-205

• Rosemary
Clooney: Sings the Music of Harold Arlen CCD-4210
• Ed Bickert At Toronto's Bourbon Street CJ-216

• Various Artists: A Great American Evening CCD-4220

• In Concert
• The Second Set
• Rosemary
Clooney: Sings the Music of Irving Berlin CCD-4255
• The Newport Jazz Festival All-Stars CCD-4260

• Ruby Braff / Scott Hamilton: A First CCD-4274

• Various Artists: The Concord Sound, Volume 1 CJ-278

• Bob Wilber: and the Scott Hamilton Quartet Chiaroscuro CRD-171

• Rosemary Clooney: Sings Ballads CCD-4282

• Benny Carter: A Gentleman And His Music
• Maxine Sullivan: Uptown CCD-4288

• Ruby Braff / Scott Hamilton: A Sailboat in the Moonlight CCD-4296

• Gerry Mulligan meets Scott Hamilton: Soft Lights & Sweet Music CCD-4300

• w/ Jake Hanna & Dave McKenna: Major League CCD-4305

• Rosemary Clooney: Sings the Music of Jimmy Van Heusen CCD-4308

• The Right Time
• Rosemary Clooney: Sings the Lyrics of Johnny Mercer CCD-4333

• Flip Phillips / Scott Hamilton: A Sound Investment CCD-4334

• Duke Robillard: Swing Rounder 3103

• The Newport Jazz Festival All-Stars: European Tour CCD-4343

• The Concord All-Stars: Take 8 CCD-4347

• The Concord All-Stars: Ow! CCD-4348

• Maxine Sullivan: Swingin' Sweet CCD-4351

• Rosemary Clooney: Show Tunes CCD-4364

• Charlie Byrd Trio: It's a Wonderful World CCD-4374

• Plays Ballads CCD-4386

• Newport Jazz Festival All-Stars: Bern Concert '89 CCD-4401

• Rosemary Clooney: Sings Rogers Hart & Hammerstein CCD-4405

• Susannah McCorkle: Sabia CCD-4418

• Ken Peplowski Quintet: Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool CCD-4419

• Radio City CCD-4428

• Gene Harris / Scott Hamilton: At Last CCD-4434

• Rosemary Clooney: For the Duration CCD-4444

• Ruby Braff: New England Songhounds, Volume 1 CCD-4478

• Race Point
• Ruby Braff: New England Songhounds, Volume 2 CCD-4504

• Scott Hamilton / Ken Peplowski / Spike Robinson: Groovin' High CCD-4509

• Concord All-Stars: On Cape Cod CCD-4530

• Rosemary Clooney: Do You Miss New York? CCD-4537

• With Strings CCD-4538

• Manfredo Fest: Oferenda Concord Picante 4539

• East Of The Sun CCD-4583

• Various Artists: A Concord Jazz Christmas CCD-4613

• Organic Duke CCD-4623

• Flip Phillips:The Claw - Live at the Floating Jazz Festival Chiaroscuro 313

• Rosemary Clooney: Demi-Centennial CCD-4633

• Bill Berry and the Ellington All-Stars: For Duke Drive Archive 41035

• Ruby Braff: Controlled Nonchalance At The Regattabar (Vol. I) Arbors Jazz ARCD 19134

• Jimmy Witherspoon: Spoon's Blues Stony Plain 1211

• Flip Phillips: < Birthday> Arbors Jazz ARVHS 2

• Various Artists: Fujitsu Concord 27th Jazz Festival CCD-7004

• Live At Brecon Jazz Festival CCD-4649

• My Romance CCD-4715

• After Hours CCD-4755-2

• Christmas Love Song CCD-4771-2

• Groovin' High E.J.s 78939 607 2

• The Red Door Scott Hamilton& Bucky Pizzarelli Remember Zoot
• Rosemary Clooney; A Seventieth Birthday Celebration
• The Jimmy Bruno Trio Live at Birland
• Scott Hamilton The Concord Heritage Series
• Dave McKenna The Concord Heritage Series
• Ruby Braff The Concord Heritage Series
• Blues, Bop and Ballads
• Late Christmas Eve
• Jazz Signatures
• Dinner By Candlelight
• Jazz At Night’s End
• Jazz At Day’s End
• Silver Anniversary Set- Fujitsu/Concord 25
th Jazz Festival CCD-7002-2
• A Jazz Celebration-A Tribute To Carl Jefferson
CCD-7005 4
• Nocturnes & Serenades
• Scott Hamilton - Back in New York CCD-2274-2
• Scott Hamilton & Harry Allen Heavy Juice
• After Hours
• Live In London
• Ballad Essentials
• Sulky Serenade
Jazzhour with JHR 73634
• Ruby Braff for the last time
Arbors Records
• Zootcase
Woodville RecordsWVCD112
• Our Delight
Woodville RecordsWVCD113
• Mr Braff To You
Phontastic Phon7568
• Swinging Young Scott
Famous Door HL119
• Tony Bennett What a wonderful world
Sony BMG Music Entertainmet
• Progressive record All stars
Progressive PCD-7019
• Double Play
• Woody Herman A Concord Jam
• Blues Walk
Dreamstreet DR1010
• Concord Super Band In Tokyo
• Dear Friends Eiji Kitamaru With Concord All Stars ICJ 80180

• How Long Has This Been Going On - Brian Lemon/Roy Williams Quintet (The)
Zephyr ZECD5
• Olaf Polziehn Trio feat. Scott Hamilton
Live at Jazztone Lörrach SDCD 1054-1
• Jazz Jamboree '79
Polskie Nagrania Muza
• Bob Wilber And The Scott Hamilton Quartet (LP, Album)
Chiaroscuro Records, 1977
• Benny Goodman and Friends
London 820 179-2
• Scott Hamilton& Kenny Davern At Brecon (video tape)
Peerless Productions BPVC 001

Complete discography
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